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Investor Newsletter – June 2022

Ethically Sourced Coffee Products from Peru, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ethiopia, and South Africa

Exceptional Quality | Ecological Focus | Traditional Craftsmanship

1.  Peruvian Coffee Beans

Savor the delicate and balanced flavors of our Peruvian Coffee Beans. Grown amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Peru, these beans embody a harmonious combination of floral notes, smooth body, and bright acidity.

Ideal Conditions: Light roast, pour-over brew, enjoyed black to appreciate its nuanced flavors.

2. Nicaraguan Coffee Beans

Indulge in the rich and chocolatey flavors of our Nicaraguan Coffee Beans. Cultivated in the lush highlands of Nicaragua, these beans deliver a medium body, subtle sweetness, and a hint of nuttiness.

Ideal Conditions: Medium-dark roast, French press brew, pairs wonderfully with milk-based beverages.

3. Colombian Coffee Beans

Awaken your senses with the vibrant and full-bodied flavors of our Colombian Coffee Beans. Handpicked in the renowned coffee regions of Colombia, these beans offer a well-rounded acidity, caramel sweetness, and a velvety mouthfeel.

Ideal Conditions: Medium roast, espresso blend, perfect for a classic espresso or as a base for espresso-based beverages.

4. Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Embark on an aromatic journey with our Ethiopian Coffee Beans. Originating from the birthplace of coffee, these beans exhibit distinctive floral and fruity flavors, accompanied by a light to medium body.

Ideal Conditions: Light roast, pour-over brew, best experienced in traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies.

5. South African Coffee Beans

Experience the unique flavors of our South African Coffee Beans. Grown in the rich soils of South Africa, these beans showcase a complex flavor profile, blending fruity and earthy tones, with a hint of sweetness.

Ideal Conditions: Medium roast, Aeropress brew, versatile for both black and specialty coffee creations.

Why Choose Pampa Brews?

  1. Ecological Focus: We prioritize sustainable farming practices to minimize our ecological footprint and support the preservation of coffee-growing regions.
  1. Traditional Craftsmanship: Our coffee beans are cultivated and harvested using traditional methods, preserving the authenticity and uniqueness of each origin.
  1. Ideal Consumption Methods: Each coffee bean’s ideal conditions and suggested brewing methods are provided, ensuring you can enjoy the true essence of each flavor profile.
  1. Discover the Uniqueness: Our diverse selection of coffee beans from Peru, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ethiopia, and South Africa offers a remarkable range of flavors, allowing you to explore the richness of different regions.


Coffee flavor profiles may vary based on roast level, brewing methods, and individual preferences.


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